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ZIFTECH Inc. is a company designed to provide precision machined prototypes or models,  and short run

 production to the engineering development process for companies throughout the United States. 


ZIFTECH Inc.understands the importance of  communication, quality, quick

turn-around, and cost to the product development process.

We will work as a member of your teamto meet your goals!


ZIFTECH Inc. employees have extensive experience in both manufacturing

and model making, and understand the importance of teaming with engineers and

designers to fully understand their project goals. We believe we can add value by providing

insight, suggestions, and services that will contribute to a successful

development and a manufacturable product .Acting as a support team, your

project will be much more than just a blueprint at ZIFTECH.





47285 U.S. Hwy. 20

Oberlin, OH  44074


440-774-4998 ph.

440-774-4519 fx.

email:  info@ziftech.com



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